Review: 3G iPhone

Google Maps comes pre-installed and is a great piece of software except for the fact that it doesn't provide voice-assisted driving directions in India.

The star of the show is clearly the Internet browser Safari, which renders Web pages better than any browser on any mobile device that I have ever seen.

Most websites are shown true to their form instead of scaled-down mobile versions and the multi-touch features allows you to easily move the page around, zoom in on the region you want to read and tap on a link to navigate.

This single-handedly takes the Web-surfing into a new dimension compared to clumsy joysticks, keys or even a stylus. The iPhone 3G's browser even manages to improve on the original by allowing you to click and save pictures in Web pages.

The crowning glory though, of the iPhone 3G is "App Store", an online marketplace where users can download software applications (apps) that are created by programmers and developers all around the world.

These apps could range from games to medical encyclopedias to social networking tools to online auctions to pretty much anything that one can use a computer for.

The games are especially addictive since the iPhone has no controls except one large screen button. All the movement in a game thus has to be controlled by physically moving the iPhone so that the accelerometer can detect which way you're orienting the device.

The brilliant, large 3.5 screen puts your gaming experience on par with handheld devices from Nintendo and Sony while the improved loudspeakers guarantee that the experience will be incredibly annoying to those in your vicinity if you decide to dump the earphones.

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