Review: 3G iPhone

Some apps are free to download while others cost anything from a few dollars to a few hundred. Unlike the iTunes store, App Store accepts Indian credit cards and Apple is hoping Indian users will add a significant number to the 60 million downloads that were registered in first month.

If you're an incurable gadget freak, then go ahead and add this to your arsenal -- it's geek heaven, but to the average consumer my advice would be to hold your horses and wait till 3G networks are in place before forking out such an incredibly large sum of money.

If you're a BlackBerry addict, then the lack of a physical keyboard will make life pretty tough even though Pushmail and enterprise-grade data security has now been added to the iPhone.

If you want a piece of the beautiful browser and the App Store, then buy the iPod Touch (Rs. 16,000 for the 16GB model) which gives you full iPhone functionality minus the phone and GPS -- for which you could always rely on a cheap, trusty Nokia navigator.

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