Liquid Phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor

Acer has brought a new liquid phone in India. It’s really liquid due to its unique feature which differentiates it from the other phones. This phone has the world’s first Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and is based on the first Android 1.6 high definition smart phone. It delivers real time communication as well as content which are location aware. This smart device brings forth a unique combination of high quality performance as well as bold style.

This high defining smart phone combines the cutting edge technologies; software innovation as well as ultra-fluid user interfaces so that users can get a completely new experience with this phone. Unique set of features developed by Acer and its partners would include a new user interface as well as improved power management systems. This enhanced power management system would help the user to achieve longer battery autonomy.

Acer Smart Handheld Business Group (SHBG)’s India Country Head Richard Tan said: The name “liquid exemplifies speed in style.” With sexy curves and available in three different colors of black, white and red, this liquid with a slim body shape will really please the consumer who seeks for style and fashion. It beautifully fits in the hand and it is the fluidity of the curves that gives Acer liquid its unique character along with an unconventional style.

This liquid is outstanding for its smooth display along with the facilities of multimedia, web browsing, social media integration as well as video streaming. These can be shared with family and friends through e-mail or web posting. In India the price of the liquid phone would be Rs 24,900 and it would be soon available across the major retailers. The optimized camera with geo tagging, self-timer options is sure to bring smile in the consumer’s face.
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