Ultra-small, ultra-lightweight photo editor with an incredible number of options…

Adobe Photoshop and Gimp are great tools to have for anyone who likes to experiment with and edit images. However, these bulky software packages take up a lot of hard disk space and memory on your PC. So if you perform simpler tasks, such as cropping, small touches, etc, you can always opt to install something like Paint.NET .

Still, when it comes to portability, there is no software, which is worthwhile in this regard. There is a portable version of Gimp that you can carry around on your pen drive, but it’s very bulky and thus generally slow in actual usage.

Developer L. Madhavan decided to fill the void with his amazing new tool, Fotografix – a portable photo-editing application that requires no installation and takes up just 347KB of disk space!

Firing up the program, you are in for a surprise: At this light weight, the package still comes fully equipped with all of your regular image-manipulation tools, such as selection tools, brushes, clone tools, layer tools, etc.

Users of advanced software like Photoshop will have absolutely no issue in starting off, and will feel quite at home with Fotografix – a pane on the left with the necessary tools, the centre pane reserved for the photo and the right-most part has small windows to note your history and scripts.

Of course, it has its drawbacks. Those who like to freely crop their pictures will find the lasso tool sorely missing in this package, while the lack of keyboard and mouse shortcuts will irk power users.

But overall, this application misses out on very little from what is offered by the big guys; and considering its light -weight and zippy interface, it’s a must-have for your pen drive.

Rating: 4.5/5
Size: 347KB

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