Robot teacher comes to Japanese school...

A team of Japanese scientists has developed the world’s first robot teacher, which can take attendance and even get angry, apart from teaching students.

Previously employed as a secretary, the humanoid robot, named Saya, is being trialled at a primary school in Tokyo.

According to the scientists, the automaton can speak different languages, carry out roll calls, and set tasks, leading British newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported.

Eighteen motors hidden behind its latex face allows it to adopt several expressions, including anger.

The humanoid was originally developed to replace a variety of workers, including secretaries, in a bid to allow firms to cut costs while still retaining some kind of human interaction.

Its creator, professor Hiroshi Kobayashi at University of Tokyo, has been working on robots for 15 years. Saya is the latest in a long line of robots that are spreading to every aspect of life in Japan.

They already guide traffic, approach students to sign up to courses; and one is now being built to give company to Alzheimer’s sufferers.
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