Muziic turns YouTube into source for songs

A screenshot of the free-to-download Muziic Player

A schoolboy and his father have developed a new software that lets people listen to YouTube’s vast collection of music videos as if it were a private collection.

Created by 15-year-old David Nelson, Muziic enables computers to mine the video-sharing site’s rich database of songs and play customised lists of tunes free of charge.

“The Muziic player is a pretty cool little thing,” said analyst Matt Rosoff of technology industry tracking firm Directions On Microsoft. “It looks and works a lot like iTunes, in that it is a downloadable desktop application; but you get all the content from YouTube. You have an all-in-one-place library of music for free.”

The program searches by using Content ID software that YouTube incorporated to enable owners of music to more easily locate copyrighted works.

Google, which owns YouTube, said that it is checking if Muziic conforms to the YouTube terms of service.

The company has been trying to develop ways to make money off of YouTube and that goal could be undermined by the Muziic Player, which lets users tap into the video-sharing Web site’s music while avoiding advertisements.

As for Muziic and YouTube, “hopefully, they will work something out,” said Rosoff. “Muziic is analogous to a subscription music service, but it’s free.”

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