Hi-tech walking stick brings wind-up torch and alarm for elderly

The new Slik-Stik walking stick is fitted with a torch, one-button alarm, and a magnet, and is powered by simply winding up a crank in the handle (inset)

A walking stick that uses wind-up technology to power a built-in torch and safety lights has been unveiled by a 70-year-old British inventor.

Developed by Trevor Baylis – who invented the wind-up radio almost two decades ago – the lightweight ‘Slik-Stik’ carries a personal alarm, can collapse to become tiny, and has a magnet to solve the tricky issue of picking up dropped keys.

His firm, Trevor Baylis Brands, recently launched the walking stick at an exhibition in London.

The Slik-Stik is the brainchild of Baylis’ 44-year-old protégé Denise Anstey, a disabled lady who was dissatisfied with the poor ergonomics and basic function of conventional walking sticks.

“When I was walking, I felt very vulnerable – a walking target. I thought it would be good for the elderly to have something they could immediately press to alert people to help,” she said.

The hi-tech walking stick is fitted with an induction generator system, with which a minute’s winding of the retractable handle is sufficient to provide several minutes of emergency illumination.

The front of the ergonomic hand-grip incorporates an LED torch light which shines a forward beam, and a foot-fall floodlight to ensure safe footing at night. The rear of the handle is fitted with a built-in panic alarm that can be activated to alert for help.

Finally, one further frustration for Denise has been addressed by the handy inclusion of a strong pick-up magnet in the handle. So in case she drops a set of keys, all she needs to do is flip the stick around.
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