A simple way to automatically tag all your photos and upload them to Facebook or Flickr; and an even easier way to download entire albums of your friends’ photos!
Today’s software will appeal to those who use online photo-sharing services to upload their own images or check out a friend’s photographs. Fotobounce has two major purposes: uploading pictures for your friends to see, and downloading their albums quickly and easily.


When it comes to online photo-sharing services like Photobucket, Flickr and Picasa, the most annoying aspect of the whole uploading process is tagging. You have to assign meaningful ‘tags’ to your images to make sure someone can share your album easily for them, throw up relevant results from other people’s albums and generally help out in the image navigation.
Now, when it comes to albums of family and friends, you generally have a handful names cropping up in over 200 photos at a time. Wouldn’t it be easier if the software just knew who was in which picture and named them accordingly?
Well, that’s exactly what Fotobounce claims to do. It boasts of having smart facial recognition algorithms that can scan your pictures for faces and tag them accordingly. And the rate is quite impressive too, with the software developers saying it can churn out 1,000 photos in approximately an hour.
And once you are done, the program automatically uploads all the images to your Flick or Facebook account. We didn’t try this out, but if it works as promised, it can’t get any better!


We’ve all been in this situation: You go on a trip with a friend or to a function and he/she had the camera. Of course, you always want a copy of the pictures for yourself. The friend uploads the photos to his/her Facebook or Flickr account and then you spend hours painfully downloading each image individually.
Next time you find yourself in such a predicament, simply fire up Fotobounce and point it to the friend’s album. The software will automatically download all the images in an album to your local hard disk and save you a lot of time and energy. Nice!
Rating: 4.5/
Size: 15.2MB
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