PCs that respond to your emotions

A new navigation can provide emergency services with the quickest route while simultaneously taking stress into account. Trung Bui of the University of Twente's dialogue system recognizes the user's emotions and is able to react to them.

Bui used a mathematical technique developed in the 1960s for controlling factory processes called Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP). He demonstrated that this technique was suitable for integrating the user's emotions into a dialogue system because it could deal with uncertainties.

Bui applied the technique to a navigation system for emergency services that took the stress experienced by the user into account.

The navigation system receives input from a separate stress module that measures an emergency worker's stress levels, taking these into account when the user is communicating with the system. Whenever the user's stress levels become raised, the system will anticipate that the user is more likely to make mistakes and will request confirmation more often.

Dialogue systems are computer systems which communicate with humans and which are used for information provision such as in the speaking computer that provides travel information.

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