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Great sound quality at small file sizes – perfect for your phone!

A lot of mobile phones are getting to be quite capable of playing back audio as well as standalone portable music players. Sony’s Walkman series and Nokia’s XPressMusic series of phones have sold like hot cakes recently.

The problem for a music lover, though, is fitting his entire collection into the small amount of disk space available. A lot of these phones do not support memory cards of more than 4-8GB, with some incapable of reading a card over 2GB. Alternately, a few handsets tend to get quite slow when a lot of data is stored on them.

Of course, managing a lot of music is also difficult on the smaller MP3 players, such as the iPod Shuffle, the Creative Zen Stone, etc. So space management has become an issue for music aficionados.

A great tool to try out is the MP3 Quality Modifier, which promises to take your music files and greatly compress their file sizes with minimal quality loss.

The standalone program – taking just 323KB of disk space itself – opens up to a window with a simple interface. First, you have to use the two buttons in the toolbar to add the MP3 files or a folder that you want to compress.

Once the files are listed in the main pane at the middle (complete with filename, song title, album, artist, bitrate and size), you can select or deselect which ones you want to edit.

Two sections at the bottom determine the kind of compression your file will go through. The ‘Bitrate’ section lets you select the type of mode (variable, constant, average), rate in kbps, and a preset (misspelt as ‘present’, and having four options: high quality, portable, compromise, very low quality). If you don’t know what you are doing when it comes to music editing, using these presets can be very handy.

The ‘Modus’ section gives you the option of figuring out the kind of output (mono, joint stereo, stereo and dual channels) and sample frequency – both of which can be adjusted directly through the preset.

Finally, choose a destination folder to save the newly-edited files to, and you’re done. Hit the ‘Start Process’ in the top toolbar and let the program do the rest. Quick, easy and very handy!

Rating: 3.5/5
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