WinCDEmu : Mounting a disc image was never so easy – just double-click and you’re done!

If you play video games on your PC on a regular basis, you are bound to need a disc-mounting tool.

Honestly, playing a game off its ISO image loaded on your hard disk is so much faster than playing the same through its DVD. Disc images also go a long way in preserving your DVD – and when you are buying a game for around Rs 1,000, you want to make sure the disc lasts for as long as it can!

So after you create a disc image, how do you load it up on to your computer? The normal course is to use a ‘mounting’ tool such as Daemon Tools or Alcohol.

These programs create a virtual optical disc drive on your computer and load, or ‘mount’, the disc image onto it. The final product is as good as having a DVD in a drive! But the process to use Daemon Tools and Alcohol is long and tedious.

First, you have to run the program; then create a virtual drive through a series of three clicks; and then go on to load the image through a further four clicks. Things have got to be simpler than this, right? Well, that’s where WinCDEmu comes in.

Cutting out all the various steps in mounting a disc image, this software works automatically to give you the most streamlined interface possible. All you have to do is install the program and double-click your ISO image for the program to automatically create a virtual drive and load up the image.

It’s really that simple! And the tedious process of unmounting a disc and getting rid of the virtual drive has also been cut down: just right click the virtual drive, hit ‘eject’ and you’re done.

Supporting ISO, CUE, BIN, RAW and IMG file formats, the application can create an unlimited number of virtual drives at a time. A must-have for any gamer!

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