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Some of the best animations and 3D clips on the Web, all in one place – it’s like Youtube in 3D!

Recently, movie-goers across the world have been wowed by the special effects in debutant director Neil Blomkamp’s new science fiction film, District 9. However, this is not Blomkamp’s first attempt at the medium. He had previously showcased his talents in a short film that was quite popular on the Internet, called Alive in Jo’burg.

The Web is a great medium for upcoming film-makers to show off what they are capable of, with several short films and fan fiction earning great praise. This becomes a platform for newcomers to be able to get their movie seen by thousands of people and commented on, thus earning valuable feedback and perhaps getting the eye of a producer.

In the niche of 3D films, one of the best sites to check out such new talents is 3D Mini Clips. As the name suggests, the site hosts only videos and short films that make use of extensive 3D animation and special effects – and most of them are a treat to watch!

The top-rated video (a list of which can be seen at the right of the home page) on the site, ‘World Builder’ by Branit VFX, is a must-see for the incredible effects in it. It’s a seven-minute clip, but every second is unmissable.
On the left, there’s a listing of all the genres of videos: Architecture, Artistic, Commercial, Composition, Fantasy, Full Movies, Funny, Movie Trailers, Music Videos, Photo Realistic, Portfolios, Product Prototypes, Sci-Fi, Short Movies, Simulations, Special FX, Video Games.

The main page itself shows the latest video additions, with a chronological listing of the new videos. Separate tabs for ‘Top Videos’ and ‘New Videos’ take you to specialized pages for the same, and the ‘Random Videos’ tab will throw up clip after clip for your enjoyment.

If you are someone who enjoys 3D effects in movies, 3D Mini Clips is a must-visit.

Rating: 4.5/5
Site: www.3dminiclips.com
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