iPhone Update 1.1.3 Details Leaked

Information on Apple Computer's upcoming 1.1.3 iPhone update has leaked on to the Internet.

While the date of release of the update is not known, there are some exciting features expected including: the ability to send SMS to multiple people; Google Maps cell tower triangulation feature, 'My Location'; ability of Google Maps to display the Hybrid map view; ability to rearrange and drag-and-drop icons on the home screen; ability of home screen to support pagination; and ability to add Web bookmarks to the home screen.

There's always a cat-n-mouse game going on between Apple and the hacker community, with each side trying to play catch-up whenever a new update is released by the company. As of now, hackers cannot touch newly bought iPhones that have version 1.1.2 pre-installed unless they use a hacked SIM card like TurboSIM. Even that will change with the release of version 1.1.3 because new hardware access key will be required to hack 1.1.2 just bought iPhones. In case of those iPhones with 1.1.2 that have been unlocked, applying the 1.1.3 update to them will make them stop working with the AT&T SIM card. Which means you can't use even an AT&T SIM card with an unlocked phone post applying the upcoming (1.1.3) iPhone update.

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